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We have our monthly workshop coming up and wanted to update you on the dates.  October 15, November 12, December 10, 2013 and going into the new year January 14 and Feb 11, 2014 which is our “Digital 101 The Camera” which takes a tour of your camera’s buttons, functions and menus to gain control of the creative photographic process you have with your camera.  You will need to bring camera, memory card, instruction manual and spare battery.  Your instructor is Pam Coz-Hill who is a photographer and Certified Photographic Consultant.  Each work shop holds between 4-6 students at the cost of $75.00 which is very hands on and will help you understand how to operate your DSLR and create those most wonderful memories.

We are also getting our dates set up for creative lighting workshops coming up in the next couple of months, but what we need this time from our customers is what would you like to know from our staff photographer Alvarez who is our store Professional Photographer to show you.  We can and will go over your most basic settings of how to use your off camera flash to create a most exciting look with very easy steps to follow.  Live models will in attendance as well so you can get as much practice in as possible.