It’s really incredible when you put a new lens on your camera (which we did Canon T5i) and the first thing we shoot is the Bank of Sierra sign in downtown Visalia.  Comparing this new lens to the old 200-500mm all we can say is wow, very smooth and the VC really does a great job even while zooming out to 600mm.  So the first image below is shot during twilight on auto ISO, aperture F9.0 and Shutter 1/200.


The second image below is with the same lens just zoomed out to 600mm and yes this images are both hand held with the VC on.  The ISO also changed on us as well at ISO 1250 and Aperture was at F6.3 with the shutter speed at 1/800.  The really cool part about the image below is that the detail is awesome.  No blurriness at all and details can be seen very well.  Just image if this was set up on tripod.

IMG_0073-600webOK, now for a little something different.  We switched it up and photographed a gentleman while using his iPhone and and still only hand held and still on auto ISO and still twilight.  So the ISO kicks up to 6400 and still we have the lens zoomed out to 600mm to see how the VC worked in low light with an aperture F6.3 and shutter speed at 1/320, still very sharp and color is perfect.   Yes, we are still in program mode with all three shots, something that is really simple these days.  Just goes to show you that DSLR and the proper lens when used on the go can produce something really nice.

IMG_0096webOne key not on this last image is, we got some great bokeh with the last shot.  Impressed and yet a very light weight lens for the NEW Tamron 150-600.