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Flash Modifiers at 30% off

The Ultimate Light Box system begins with our custom fit Flash Adapter/Diffuser. The flash adapter is a laser cut adapter that attaches securely to your specific camera flash without the use of rubber bands or Velcro. Slide it on and off easily and quickly while shooting on the go!
Next, snap the bounce diffuser dome onto the adapter for a soft diffused light.
Thanks to the larger domed design, the light spreads more evenly and over a wider area than other small flat diffusers. With one snap, you can enlarge the diffusion area of your flash.Made of durable light weight plastic that attaches easily and securely to the smaller bounce diffuser our Light Box enlarges the surface area of the flash up to 700%!  The Ultimate Light Box Kit also includes two additional Lee™ flash diffusion filters that mount inside the flash diffusion lens and add additional softness. Only the Ultimate Light Box allows you to shoot direct.  Add more or less flash diffusion or control the direction and the intensity of the light, to capture the perfect image.The third component is the Large Reflector that attaches to the Ultimate Light Box and reflects additional light forward. Most flash diffusers, including the Ultimate Light Box, have a 360 degree angle of coverage. A typical 35mm FF lens has a picture angle of 62 degrees while a 35mm DX format has a picture angle of 44 degrees. Light that is directed outside of the angle of your lens is basically lost except for reflection. The Ultimate Light Box reflector directs a large amount of that lost light back toward the subject.
Below you will see image taken with the Ultimate Light Box from Harbor Digital Design.

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