Digital 101 Workshop & Classes

Pam Coz-Hill will still offer her monthly workshop coming up – August 12, 2014, September 9, 2014 and October 14, 2014.  This is her “Digital 101 The Camera” which takes a tour of your camera’s buttons, functions and menus to gain control of the creative photographic process you have with your camera.  You will need to bring camera, memory card, instruction manual and spare battery.  Pam Coz-Hill who is a photographer and Certified Photographic Consultant.  Each work shop holds between 4-6 students at the cost of $75.00 which is very hands on and will help you understand how to operate your DSLR and create those most wonderful memories.  If you have any questions about any workshops coming up feel free to contact her at Pam Coz-Hill

Click on the link below to download the sign up sheet.

Class Registration SummerFall2014 Form


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