Located in Downtown Visalia

Located in Downtown Visalia

Mike’s Quality Cameras has been serving the photographic needs of Tulare County’s photo enthusiasts and professionals since 1977. The family owned business takes pride in providing the best personalized service with one of the most knowledgeable staff of experts. Our staff of five has over 120 years of combined experience in the photo industry.

Each has their own specialty.

  • Pam, who is semi retired manages the office and teaches Digital 101, SLR Photography classes and the annual Wildflower Photography Workshop.
  • Rob manages the repair department and transfers movie film and video tape onto DVD.
  • Jim, who is also semi retired is our photo restoration specialist and our Astronomy/Telescope expert.
  • Maria speaks fluent Spanish and is a favorite of family photographers.
  • Alvarez, a professional photographer with our local newspaper, owns his own portrait/commercial photography studio.

You may see him at the sales counter engaged with local pros as he advises them on the latest equipment. Both Maria and Alvarez comb suppliers to find the most exciting and useful toys for your photographic endeavors. All our staff is happy to provide you with knowledgeable friendly service.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. How much would a “check up” be for my camera ????? Canon 40 d

  2. Can you transfer 3/4″ videotapes to DVD, and if so, for how much per tape?

  3. San Dee Jaime said:

    I have a Canon digital power shot sd1400is. I dropped it on concrete floor. The zoom lens is stuck . It will not go back into the camera. Also will not allow me to take pics but it does allow me to
    view pics. Is this something you might be able to repair. And if so what is the cost

  4. Nick Carrasco said:

    Had recent accident with water, got inside and had water dry on the inside of the lens, have not had any problems with our pictures but the lens is awful dirty with water marks, is there a possibility to get it cleaned and what’s an estimate for that if it’s possible. Thanks for your time!!!’

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